Mobile homes are increasingly finding acceptance in the U.S today. There are young families and retirees who choose to buy or rent mobiles for reasons such as affordability and simplicity;for others, these homes are the only available housing option.


You sure must have seen a lot of mobile home ads from which can end up being a little confusing. Mobile homes tend to be more affordable and energy efficient than conventional homes. Naturally, there are many today who find them quite attractive.


Real estate agents who have mobile homes they seek to rent out or sell need to understand the basics of crafting attractive rental ads.


A good rental ad for a mobile home is short and complete. Mobile home ads or rental ads in general should contain every necessary bit of information that would be needed by people looking to rent such homes. An effective ad should contain crucial details such as the size of the home, bathrooms and bedrooms and policies on things like pet ownership among others.


The following tips will be useful for those agents who wish to come up with smashing rental ads that get potential tenants calling the realtor and asking to view the homes. For more info about property management, visit


A clean, clear photo of the home that a particular mobile home rental ad seeks to show case should always be included. Actually many people will not glance twice at an ad that doesn't contain a clear image of the home in question. It is recommended that the photo include the living area, the kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. Photos taken at dusk are of better quality. Visit for tips.

The rental ad should also include the security deposit amount payable by the potential tenant before they move in. Be careful so that you don't exceed the maximum security deposit allowed in your state.


Be clear on the lease agreement period that the prospective tenant  will have to sign for. You may want to call your minimum lease period a '12 month lease' and not a '1 year lease' as one year psychologically seems longer.

Your mobile rent ads should also include the location of the home. You may also decide to include the street address where the home is located but it is not a good idea to include the specific number of the house.


Your ad should leave out details such as tenants will pay their utilities. Specify any utilities included in the lease. Remember to show the date when the mobile home will be ready for move-in. Don't forget to include your contact details.



If you consider the above tips when you are doing the rental ads for your mobile homes, you will find it quite easy to have them taken up within reasonable time.